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Gremlin Engine - Project page - Details

The Gremlin Engine is a BeOS only project for now.
We plan Linux and Java ports, but all the development will be done with the BeOS.
If you would like more information about the Be Operating System visit our links page in the "Links" section: from there you will also be able to download a free copy.


apps  Project goals.

- To create a full features game engine for rpg-like adventure games.
- To make a developing environment that allows the creation of adventure games.
- To create a good and possibly big game for our engine.
- To create a community where users can share their home-made adventures.

features  Gremlin Engine features.

- Modular add-on based architecture that allows low level customization.
- Customizable separated graphics and combat engine.
- Adventures may contain combat, magic, puzzle and dialogs parts.
- Tools to create areas, monsters, objects, spells and interactions.
- All the game's graphics are stored in a separated tileset file.
- The power to use all these features the way you want to create your games.

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