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Gremlin Engine 1.12 released !



So, the new release is done and it's defintely different from the previous one.
In "The stuff" section you will find a new entry for the GFX Addon, the biggest new feature of the release, and new releases in the AreaDEV and Gremlin Engine entries.
So what's new in this release? Well, like I've said in the previous news, it has a new internal architecture that allows to separate the graphical engine from the programs that use it.
In fact, you will now need to download the GFX Addon in order to use AreaDEV or Gremlin Engine. It also includes the sample tileset so it's a must download.
After that, you will have to put the Addon binary file in the two program's folders.
You will notice that without the GFX Addon, the engine window (or the AreaDEV's area preview window) won't be able to draw anything but a black screen and an alert message.
By this moment, all the next releases will have this architecture because it allows to compile programs faster and to have graphics-indipendent software.
I will soon write an article about this.

Rafael Romo


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